Dealership Program

You will find at Calnorth Auto quality parts with exceptional value. We have been the experts customers have turned to for Exhaust for over 30 years. Our Company is a leader in emissions systems and components designed to meet today’s stringent market. What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to manufacture direct fit Catalytic Converters and exhaust pipes not normally available in the aftermarket. This ability to provide exceptional value, trusted performance of our products, and proven quality service has allowed multiple dealers across the country to keep their out of warranty work in their service bays. Our Dealership Program has grown over the last decade as we continue to provide trusted consistent quality products, value, and service to our Dealerships across Canada and the USA

The Shop Program

Calnorth is a specialist in hard to find Exhaust and Emission Parts. We offer a variety of lines for each product to fit individual customer needs.  Great service, quality and price has allowed us to deliver service to many shops across the country such as Midas, Minute Muffler, Speedy Auto Service , City Tires, True Centre Muffler, Meineke Muffler, Thruway Muffler and many more. It is the knowledge of our products and the availability of them that keeps our clients coming back. We cater to our customers by having the products they need, the stock available and a diversification of products that is unmatched in the industry.

Collision Program

Calnorth Auto Parts specializes in under car products and hard to find Emission parts. This unique quality allows an economical alternative to the dealer.  We offer a variety of lines for each product to fit individual customer needs as we pride ourselves in knowing that each business is different and has unique requirements. This ideology has allowed us to have a client base across the GTA and North America.  It is our mandate to provide optimal service that you can rely upon and expert advice. We cater to our customers who always count on exceptional products, price and availability.  Our success is a result of the relationships we have built with our customers over the decades and the level of personal service we pride ourselves in delivering to our customers.